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Our research group is interested in engineering of organic and inorganic functional materials to study novel functions from materials engineering in nanoscale and to probe their functions for potential electronic applications. Recently, we are focused on tailoring size, shape, dimension, and functionality of metallic nanomaterials and integration of emerging electronic devices with ultimate softness for wearable electronics.

Materials Engineering in Nanoscale
tailoring size, dimension, functionality

Emerging Electronic Devices


integration, processing, probe



2023학년 2학기 석-박사/학부인턴 학생 모집

전북대학교 유연인쇄전자전문대학원

나노소재 및 소자응용연구실 


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Latest News


Feb. 2023

Congratulations and Good Luck~!

Seungyeon Kim, Young Seok Song, and Jeeho Park have got thier Master Degree.

Mar. 2023


Seungyeon Kim and Young Seok Song have joined APPND Lab. (Ph.D.  student)

Hyunsoo Park,  Dae Hong Kim, Juyoung Jin, Min Young Seo, and Hyeon Ji Joo have joined APPND Lab. (MS  student)

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